Peaceful Mind, Healthy Body

3-Day Workshop

February 22, 27 and 29

Learn Holistic Tools to Awaken Your Inner Healer

and Embrace a Life of Calm, Strength and Confidence.

Join us February 22, 27 & 29

*Replays available after each session

Join me and learn how to feel safe, strong, and confident in your own skin.

Through live classes with Daphnie and somatic practices to regulate your nervous system, you'll learn holistic ways to:

🌿 Awaken Your Inner Healer: Learn to address the root causes of body/mind imbalances with practical, holistic strategies instead of relying on short term fixes.

🌿 Cultivate a Peaceful Mind: Discover techniques to stop the cycle of worry and overthinking that contribute to health, financial, and relationship anxieties.

🌿 Improve Your Relationships & Reduce Overwhelm: Gain insights into managing stress and enhancing your relationships, allowing you to show up as your best self for family and friends.

Here's what past participants had to say:

"I can't begin to tell you how much this workshop has helped me with my anxiety, peace, and coping skills. Now when I get anxious I have some tools that I can use to help me out of that panic/anxious state. I've also learned so much about myself and how I can improve my relationships. This workshop is FULL of information. Daphnie explains everything so it is easily understood."


"Chums, you may have noticed that my WHOLE LIFE has transformed over the last few months. It all started in June with this workshop. I haven't been this healthy or had access to this much inner peace and joyfulness - maybe ever. I owe my upgraded self to things I learned from Daphnie Leigh, and now she is offering the Peaceful Mind, Healthy Body Workshop again!"


"What a joy it was to attend the first night of your Peaceful Mind, Healthy Body workshop series. A positive and powerful hour in support of healing and well-being. Just what I needed to support my own well-being right now. Looking forward to the next four nights. Thank you for generously sharing what you've learned in a way that lifts the rest of us and enriches our lives."


It's time to break free from anxiety and overwhelm!

We all go through challenging times that can leave us feeling unsteady and even afraid of what's around the next corner of life. When this happens it is the perfect opportunity to do the deeper work of healing.

It takes a holistic approach to heal because the body, mind and spirit are intricately connected!

Learning to calm the nervous system, deepen your awareness, and truly honor all the different parts of yourself (including your fears and anxiety) allows you to stop hiding behind your doubts and insecurities so you can:

🌿 Do the Things You Love in Life without fear of your next anxiety attack or needing to retreat due to burn out.

🌿 Build Strong, Fulfilling Relationships based on respect & authenticity.

🌿 Naturally Grow Your Self-Confidence and use your mind to work with you instead of against you.

Applying mindfulness and loving yourself, as you are, will set you free!

Through this work, you not only learn how to break the unconscious thought and behavioral patterns keeping you stuck - you can also heal root causes of body/mind imbalances.

The workshop is free, and it will help you develop calm confidence!

Who am I?

Daphnie Leigh - Anxiety & HSP Coach, ERYT 500

After being hospitalized as a teenager for agoraphobia, panic and anxiety disorder, all I wanted was to be able to live a normal life again. Medication and therapy helped, but I found that I was still living in fear.

I was stressed, easily overwhelmed, dominated by my worries, insecure in my relationships, and I struggled with my health. I went in search of how to feel better, and along the way I learned that I am a highly sensitive person.

One of the reasons I suffered from physical and mental illnesses was because I hadn't learned how to properly care for my easily overstimulated nervous system.

I've spent over 30 years learning how to no longer feel held back by my body or mind. I've been teaching yoga and meditation since 1995, and I recently spent 5 years working as a clinical health coach in an Integrative Medical Clinic.

I'm truly passionate about helping other highly sensitive people feel calm, strong, and confident so they can focus on the things that are most important to them in their own lives.

I hope you'll join me...

Join us February 22, 27, and 29

*Replays available after each session


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