Mindful Moments

Do you ever feel like you JUST NEED TO HIT PAUSE,

because you're stressed out, overwhelmed or exhausted?

If so, let this be your weekly calm - a little letter of wisdom & practices to help you break free from chronic stress and anxiety so you can do what you love most in life without the drama of burnout.

As a Mindful Moments Subscriber, here's what you can expect:

🌿 Actionable tips on reducing chronic stress and anxiety, adopting a growth-oriented mindset, and other lifestyle changes that support you in living as a Highly Sensitive & Strong person.

🌿 The latest research on High Sensitivity, Mindfulness, & Holistic Health so you can understand more about yourself and the practices that are worth doing and maintaining to be your best.

🌿 Real-talk about healing anxiety, developing calm confidence and navigating life's challenges with strength from the real-life healing journeys of my clients and myself.

🌿 Plus, guided meditations, mindfulness practices, recipes, seasonal wisdom, and more!

"Life is too precious to waste it being stuck in cycles of worry, stress, overwhelm & fatigue."

I believe we all have important gifts to share with the world, whether that's within your own family and community or on a larger stage in life. However, I know from firsthand experience that it's really hard to share your gifts if you are struggling to feel good in your day-to-day life.

After going through 2 traumatic experiences that led me to being hospitalized for panic and anxiety disorder as a teenager, I spent over 30 years learning to break free from my anxiety naturally so I could get back to enjoying life while achieving my goals.

During my 30+ years of study, teaching & practice I discovered that I'm a highly sensitive person. Learning to take care of my easily overstimulated body and mind has been a game changer!

I'm really good at helping other sensitive, high-achievers experience more inner peace, better health, and self-confidence. If you have experienced anxiety provoking life changes or challenges that have left you feeling untethered, stressed out, or exhausted, the Mindful Moments weekly letter can help you find your way back to feeling like yourself again.

Do you need more consistent energy to show up the way you want in life without feeling stressed out & overwhelmed?

Then it's time to subscribe to Mindful Moments!


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